Hey everyone! My name is Mariia Karpenko, and I am a cosplayer and entepreneur, based in Kiyv, Ukraine. I became a cosplayer back in 2008, and since 2015 opened my own business, dedicated to cosplay creations. Our company creates costumes and educational materials for privates and company all around the world. 
With help of cosplay I was able to travel around the world and join amazing projects as cosplay creator. I've been con guesating at various cons, like Japan Weekend Madrid (2022), Zurich Pop Fest (2022), Comics Salon (2022), Dutch Comic Con (2019), Pyrkon and various elses. Also I've been working over various business projects, like Shadowverse and Lords Mobile. More information about projects you can find in my portfolio section.
Cosplay been my source of inspiration, and as someone who is dedicated to creativity and business, I would gladly work with you upon any project! Check out all available services below.